Tiktok cannot be linked to an Instagram account

I have 2 Tiktok accounts but one account has IG link function, the other one does not, can someone help me turn this function on?

Experiencing this too. I think they are just making some fixes.

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Today when I accessed the second account with IG connection it was gone, it seems tiktok displayed random

Are you logged on Instagram app on that device when you visit this page of Settings on TikTok?

Yes, both devices have the instagram application installed

Same here, Instagram link disappeared and I can only link YouTube and Twitter accounts. Probably a bug.

Hello everyone, I hope all is well

Wondering if it might have to do with some recent Instagram updates as I received this notification

My Instagram is no longer linked to my account it’s very annoying, but I’m still seeing some accounts with their Instagram linked. Hope they fix this asap

Actually it might be definitive. Instagram is getting quite similar to Tiktok with their new services and options so TikTok might be trying to block its users from going to Instagram.

I don’t think so, I think this is an error

Sounds like a bug. Just keep looking for it to be fixed imo

Update from my side:
I also lost my Instagram link and was unable to link again, but I updated TikTok 2 days ago and the option is back.
The glitch lasted 2 weeks or so though. It was quite long.

Yes, the version now has an IG option

Which is strange because not everyone was affected. I saw plenty of accounts (big or small) that had their IG links. Some people lost their Twitter link but I still had mine.

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I don’t know, but maybe tiktok is getting better