TikTok Changing Location in 2022

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I wanted to touch the subject of changing location according to what audience you want to target on TikTok.

For those who are new to this, the facts are the following (to my best knowledge):

  • VPN without target country Sim card: Doesn’t work. The app gets confused about the location and moreover, you can get shadow banned. So, I won’t mention VPN again since I believe it should not be used at all.
  • Target country Sim Card: This is the only thing that works! But I have a question to those who tried.
    • Do you use your local Wi-Fi with the sim card of the target location?
    • Do you clear cache every time before posting?
    • For the US audience, what sim card service did you use, and what package did you buy? Please link so other people can use a trusted source too.
    • In which way did you get the best results based on targeting your ideal audience?


The only way that worked reliably for me was to get a US Sim Card. VPN’s always lead me to getting 0 Views and not getting shown on the fyp

I have started a new account about 13 Days ago just with the US Sim Card and got to 850 Followers since then.

Here is what worked for me:
-Yes I use my local Wifi, no problem there.
-No I don’t, I used my iPhone XS plugged the new Sim Card in & never had a problem since then
-I bought a US Sim Card from Amazon, I got one from AT&T and didn’t even activate it. TikTok apparently just looks at the “Sim Card Code”

  • Don’t get that question

Hope it helps

@Nick1 Hello. I will start using US sim card + US VPN for TikTok to reach US audience. Should I create new account using sim card + vpn, or I can use my old account? My old account created in my country (Poland). Also I was added phone number (polish number) to that account, but recently I unattached it. Should I create new one, or use old one for US audience?

Don’t use a VPN if you want to get views on your account. Create a new account