Tiktok Content Creator Start

Hi I recently started posting on Tiktok and most of my videos seem to stop after 200 views. I saw there is a phase, how do I know if I’m stuck or it’s a matter of time if I continue. Would someone be able to take a look and give me feedback? User name is kaypaddle027


Is this happening on every video you post or some.

there is no specific way to do that, and why you will be stuck, how many followers you have and how much engagement do you get on our accounts?

May be it is so because this is how engaged your account is or perhaps this is the very number of audience your account has.

keep posting videos and don’t delete old videos that don’t have many views

Not many followers (about 30), the engagement isn’t that great. Do you mind taking a look kaypaddle027

Yup basically. One video started to go up but then stopped and now I can’t even hit a 100. Can you take a look and let me know what you think of the videos kaypaddle027

What is your target audience for TikTok/what is your account niche? It may help if you stick with a certain niche so the content of the videos are tailored-fit for your audience.

On another note, you kinda look like Alba Flores from Money Heist, maybe you can do some impersonations of her from the series and see if that helps.

What type of content do you have? you need to have good quality content to keep your views raising. challenge videos are the trend nowadays.

I have visit your account you need to keep posting videos.

well, you are just starting and you have a video with more than 300 views just give it some time and keep posting good content and you will have growth.