Tiktok Content Strategy

how and what did the fitness niche have to offer?

do u use ur own bot or mp bot?

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a general reply,:
many benefits as I see big accounts in that field.

my reply:
hell if i know, I don’t have fitness accounts over there.

I can tell you, if done right – you can grow wild. @customlogovideos is your man you need to talk to.


Its true. Fitness sounds like a great niche for TikTok.
Small Tutorials, Memes and Stuff work great there!


interesting… and any recommendations on how to quickly grow if i already have decent content on IG?

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Im my experience, and its only a little experience about 2 months on tiktok, is to have funny comedic content.
I posted a video and it currently has 700k views over 70k likes and 1k comments.
It was a silly karaoke video. Im still getting followers from it but for about 2 weeks after i posted, i was getting 30+ followers a day from the video.
Any video you post after one that goes viral also gets some juice as well.
Best thing is you can also repost your viral video again later on, a common practice and get the traction again and fresh new views again.
If you see the Sommeray type clips showing booty and flossing it doesnt work on tiktok as the audience is much younger.
Your going to get more views dancing, being silly/funny or lipsyncing than flexing or showing gym workouts imo.
If you want to grow, post 3 times a day, lipsyncing, doing duets and uploading funny content.


what hashtags do you use?

Hey @Customlogovideos . Saw that you know how to get the Popular Creator Badge. DM?

“typ , foryou” Most of the time. But Hashtags are mostly irrelevant anyway in my experience.

I switched up my content strategy to post 3 times a day. around 12 is great, around 6pm and 10pm.
10pm works the best for me right now. I believe that time makes a difference especially if you need to hear the content rather then just read or see

Hey, thanks for the info.

I am a little unclear though. Do you mean that you scroll through tik toks on the for you page, and that’s how you get views, or that you create your content based on the trends that you see when scrolling?

Hashtags are incredibly powerful as it can get you proper placement on the app when done correctly.



I get most of my Views from "For You as well. With or without hashtags tho

Yes i am consuming content and create content around that

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Do you mean that you are basically copying the challenges other people are doing at the moment and that gets you viral too?

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That’s exactly what I want … I want to get that audience in the United States

I think what would be pretty big would be to repost video game battles etc , there’s a huge market for that

I am from turkey and i want to reach to us/uk audience. Is there a way to do that? When i share content my viewers are turkish people.

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You can change it in settings as country/region USA , i did it but my audience dropped a lot . I don’t know if i did something wrong or there is some conflict between place i chose and place where im posting from. Maybe is there someone who did it and it worked well for him?

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location change in app setting isnt working. tiktok understand the location somehow


Maybe after more days after change of region to US it start work well? Anyone tried this ?

i waited 7 days. it doesn’t switch