Tiktok Content Strategy

Hey Guys!
I have had a lot of Success with TikTok the last couple of weeks and I want to share with you what I noticed!

So :
I only do my own content. But here is the strategy:

I watch content on TikTok every day (at least an hour a day) and scroll through the „For You“ Page.

If you do that you will notice the Trends that get on there and will give you huge reach!

I get comments like „Almost all of your TikToks get on my For You page“

Because I reverse engineer the content based on what is trending. If you do so and post once a day there is a good chance your videos will get 1-100K views organically.
And the good thing is : it will stay on the for you page for a long time!
People still view Videos that I posted weeks ago because it is still on their “for you” page.

One huge factor on TikTok is retention time / completion rate. The more people watch your videos till the end or longer the more people will see it! As you see right here

Sorry for the Screenshot being German but that’s my native language.

If you have any questions - just ask :slight_smile:


Awesome, thank you for sharing this info. I was skeptical about tiktok, but probably that’s the right direction now


Do you have any strategies how to grow account without your own content, I am not type of person that will record myself doing some stupid videos and posting that.


Anything works if you keep in mind that it has to be short and people need to watch till the end.
Creative Content like - Singing, Dancing whatever works.

Reposting Video content works sometimes (I see a couple of reposted memes on there) but its a lot harder to get on the for you page with that


Thanks for the insights! Do you have mutliple Tik Tok Accounts? When yes, how do you post/upload for them? Except through the app on the phone I didn’t found an alternative, as you accounts can’t have 10+ on 1 phone.

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I actually just use one account right now and post Content to find more insights

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Brother @Derdam I hope it’s not a stupid question … where do you get the content to publish? are there any blocks on the republishing of other content?

Read the post, he said that he makes his own content.


Its my own Content @Patrick_soliri :slight_smile: as i mentioned in my post.
I could imagine that there are people flagging republished content because i dont see a lot on TikTok but i dont know for sure

I can’t see myself dancing to one of those weird songs, I’ll leave that to the girls on there.

I wonder what kinda content you create then, are you actually dancing to the songs or something like that? Because that’s 90% what I see on the FY page.


You haven’t been on the platform very much, if not at all huh?

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Actually, I have. Why?

If you have: then you’d clearly know the platform isn’t mostly girls doing weird dances.

Unless of course that’s the only content type you consume and engage, therefore it shows you more of it.


No clue. The only thing I see on that for you page is underaged girls dancing in a slutty way. I’d like to see different content but it ain’t happening

I thought at first it was teen city with dancing and stupid vidoes until you see the business videos, sports videos, fitness videos, traveling videos, leisure vids, makeup vids, fashion vids … ya get the message. I had to do a double take one night about 2 weeks ago and realized, there is more to this – shit is big and getting bigger and it really is a serious platform to reach goals be it vanity in followers or cash ( soon when they open up montezing stuff.

have you searched for it? Or waiting for a magic reading from tiktok saying here – this is what you came for right?


are thes tik tok analytics or instagram analytics?

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those look like tiktoks own account insights

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Just learned that tik tok has analytics lol


Yeah you need to get the “PRO-Account” which is like the Business Account of Instagram

Keep going diggi :muscle: thanks for the insights :ok_hand:

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