TikTok Creator Fund; best way to earn money?


I have bought a couple large TikTok accounts (400k, 1.1m, 1.8m followers), with creator fund enabled. I don’t have too much experience with TikTok & posting, so I am asking here.

What would be the best way to start earning money? I have tried posting daily, which did not make me much (as much as $0.20 per day). The accounts show that they’ve earned up to $70 per day in the past.

I have seen other accounts posting 10 times per day, but they seem to get low engagement. Is it the ‘quantity over quality’ what counts?

Can anyone tell me what their strategy is and if it works?

Thank you in advance!

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where did you buy the accounts from?

Sure. If anyone else has some helpful information, I would appreciate it!

does the accounts still have the same engagement and reach as the previous owners? did you change anything after you bought them regarding the content and posting? does accounts have real followers?

you have to get millions of views to make anything. And they pay you a lot more for usa views. Its hit or miss. just keep trying. One time you might go viral but it wont be to USA. And you might hit and get a viral video with usa viewers. But you still wont make much. It takes a lot of views to make money on it. Just keep on trying. I’ve seen good results posting 5 times a day.

Do you live in same country as the previous owners of those accounts?

Did you delete the old contents that were posted by them? You should see how they used to post for those accounts, what hashtags they used on their posts and how often they posted to earn $70 per day.

The amount of views you need to get to earn anything decent is pretty crazy.
I’ve made roughly £2k from 8.7m likes so think of how many views that was.