Tiktok follow with error no more result

im trying to follow user with tiktok…but i get problem. error status “no more result”
for like its work. but for follow it doesnt work. anyone?

What kind of sources are you using for this account? Have you tried to change sources?

Can you use a different source option? When your account gets API scrape block, JV should scrape using the embedded browser.

follow followers of target account. i add 2account. but still not work.

i never any any follow bnefore. this my first time trying with tiktok.
i already change any source. but same issue

Have you tried some different type of sources? Are you using proxy for this account? Maybe there is some issue with your proxy. You can also contact support, they will help you.

Try to check the option “Use only embedded browser” in the account’s advanced settings, then restart the follow tool.

I’ve had similar issues but since I have tried using Embedded browser option, it started following for me. Cheers