Tiktok followers decreasing

I have used to have 188k followers now its 187.162k followers! I’m getting enough views and followers! But it suddenly the followers count drops! In Every 30min I’m getting followers! But doesn’t stay! No one is unfollowing me ! Please help

did you change anything in your posts or the way you use/handle the account any change at all?

did your views dropped a lot?

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No! My views are absolutely fine! Im getting followers as well but my followers drops one by one! Nobody has unfollowed me! Still it’s decreasing

in huge follower drop offs, (facebook, insta,twitter and even tiktok) often it was a deletion of fake accounts. You just said everything was fine in views – so logic tells ya fakes removed without effecting ER

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Its hurts a lot when one followers decreases. Because no one is unfollowing me! Feels bad of these count! Because when I’m busy or not uploading videos it decrease more than 50 or 100 per day! If I’m getting 100 followers at least 20 gonna be gone! So how can i work like this! I’m tried of mailing them i gave them everything they asked! But they are not helping! Please help me

yes, I agree with alexno, it’s most likely account deletion from tiktok side, same as IG they do that from time to time to remove all fake and inactive accounts.

I have the same problem as you have. Dozens of People continuously follow my account every day but they are not being added to the followers list. Followers number goes in minus instead of addition. I reported the problem multiple times but no response from TikTok. Kindly let me know if your problem is resolved.