TikTok from PC - Bluestacks and ARC welder

I have been using bluestacks to upload videos and it has been working well, but bluestacks is kind of slow. I saw on BHW some people are using ARC welder a google chrome extension to post from PC, is this something that could be used with some sort of automation or could tools be built on top of it?

new version of TikTok desktop you can upload and do everything else. . Hit that up arrow and you log in


Where do you get that? I haven’t seen that anywhere.

wow its right on their website in browser form… this is HUGE.

I found that thanks to @customlogovideos, he is the one that pointed it out.
Have that acer all in one for 2 years now and still gotta take off the damn price tag on upper right.

I was able to get one video to upload properly that way, but several others never showed up on the app… any idea if it takes a while to process or something?

I have no idea, I use my phones.

Only issue I have seen with the web upload on tiktok.com is that it seems to reduce your video resolution, where on bluestacks it is very crisp…