TikTok is the future?

I know tiktok have a very poor content and not used by a lot of people who have more than 18 yrs old but the growth they are having in pretty much just 1 year is just crazy at this point they can get their 1 Billion User from 2 years

Do you think it have the potential to be something more huge and innovative than it is now like if they make their platform not just music stuff but also dominate the short video industry it will get them more people
Also what about marketing on the platform do you think because it is just the begining that they don’t make their platform to make cash with ads
And what about bots is their a bot that is coming for this platform ? because i think it’s important for us to use different social media

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Its great and I think it will continue to grow but I dont think it will overtake Instagram for short videos etc. Especially because how popular stories are. I just see it as another Vine tbh.

TikTok can growing but I don’t think they will overtake Instagram because Instagram is for more people, you can post pictures, stories, videos etc all people can do this, but all people doesn’t want create videos like TikTok :man_shrugging:

The problem is here not many of us see the big potential it as far as i know an social media that add ads to her app is a socialmedia that is doing verywell so for me i don’t think it will instantly surpass instagram but like back in the days when
People were telling that instagram will never get to the level of facebook now we can see how much it changed secondly it’s about time like with snapchat tiktok started with targeting a specific teenage audience but more importantly you have to see the change in the content that’s why i believe in the big potential now people started doing tutorials comedy…different content not just one creepy dance with music behind + if they focus on making their platform be just a short video with music behind as a choice they will be at the top for the next years and will not flop

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It could get some real momentum. My daughter was addicted until they deleted their account?

surely for younger audiences, thus never will it overtake instagram due to demographics

I think that tiktok for sure will never be bigger than IG. On tiktok there are mostly younger users, while in IG there are all age groups, and of course a lot of companies.

I don’t think it will the future, so far has nothing to offer to adult audiences, and people grow up :slight_smile: the kids soon will be adults too :slight_smile:

  1. Tik Tok has TREMENDOUS content that’s being re-purposed on every social media platform and is the TOP performing content amongst all.

  2. Most of the content creators these days are between the ages of 17-27. It’s not just a kids app anymore.


I managed 32 accounts on Tik Tok currently. Growing and marketing other people’s profiles as well as growing my own niche specific profile.

In 1 month i’m able to organically grow 100k followers, with videos having up to 3.2 million views. (my base average views is around 46k)

I also just finished my tik tok bot, to which I’ve been able to get 7 out of 8 new videos to get 50k views and hit the for you page within 24hrs.

Don’t go on Tik Tok. Ignore it for being a kids app. Let me dominate it and wait for everyone to catch on in 3 years :wink:


Do you create your own content from scratch for the niche specific profile?

Would like to get some info on your tik tok bot.

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Like Garyvee said, Tik Tok might be able to do to Instagram, what Instagram did to Facebook.

Of course that doesn’t mean it will, but the possibility is there. Me personally, I hate the content on there and can’t see myself producing content for it but I am still thinking of how I can use it to grow my brand.

Then again, back when IG launched, I hated that app too and now look where we are now.

So, should you invest time in TikTok, I say go for it.

I feel like the biggest advantage of platforms like these is that there is a lot of potential to grow if you understand the system. Just like IG in the early days, it will be a lot easier to go viral and use different sorts of methods to make it happen. Then you can leverage the following you build on tiktok towards other social media platforms.


could you message me a little more info on this tik tok , I live in los angeles and I have heard of it but just barely made an account 2 weeks ago

Now I think they will. IG is littered with their videos

Yup. You could tell by how fast it produced popularity.