Tiktok Link when posting 😨


I want to know how can i make people click on a link on tiktok as i see that it’s not possible when pisting or even bio only place where it work is dm Help please

Also pm me if you know how to make a private bot for tiktok for reasonable price or you know someone it will be really helpful


You aren’t allowed to post links and dm is complicated because you both have to follow eachother(mutual friends). The best option is to write it anyway in your bio, watermark your videos with the link, or get them to your IG.

Best bots I’ve seen so far are russian tokker.ru and american autotokker.com. Have only tried autotokker but have heard good things about both.


this are same type of bots of instagram wich follow only 50-100 a day with many less option they are far ess better compared to blackhat bots like jv but are worth if there is no other solution wich is the case here only if you have enogh money to invest on a private api