TikTok live ban cause of a report?

Hello everyone,
I tried to start a live on my TikTok today and got the message “sorry, you cannot start a live stream at this time because there is a negative remark on your account” — I don’t even want to bother with TikTok support cause that’s hopeless, at least in my experience. I’m assuming this is because someone reported my account. From my knowledge, if there is a ban/suspension on live it clearly shows to you why. However, I don’t get that. All i see is that message. Can anyone help? Attached a screenshot for reference.

Trying to see where I can find the ‘negative remark’

yeah that’s probably it, some users have reported your account that’s why they have banned you from live.

what you can do is stop trying for a few days and i think things will be back as usual.

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