Tiktok live was banned because negative remark

I used tiktok to broadcast live twice, but I wanted to open a live broadcast yesterday, it says "Sorry, you cannot start a live stream at this time because you have a negative remark on your account."How to solve it, please?Or how long before it can live?

No one knows?

you have been reported by many users hence you got temporary blocked, it’s hard to say the exact time when you will able to go live again but you should give the account a few days rest and try again.

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okay No better way.

You might want to review the comments as that may give you an idea of what the users considered a negative thing on your content.

You may check this to appeal to Tiktok https://support.tiktok.com/en/live-gifts-wallet/tiktok-live/issues-with-tiktok-live

okay ty my friend

I will try it ty