Tiktok Marketing Agency?

Wdy think of the possibility of this happening in the near future?

It’s already happening: @customlogovideos

Currently I’m building a MCN for 1 region of the world, as well as a sort of “tiktok incubator”. Which sounds funny but something similar to “Team 10”.


How do I get in

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Lol. Where do I sign up to become the next Jake Paul? :joy:

Question - you seem to know a tonne about tiktok man - do you have a youtube or blog etc I can consume more info on it? Tiktok honestly seems super straight forward as a platform, just looking to consume info that isn’t youtuber ‘i MaDe 500k On TiKtOk’ dribble.

If you want to learn TikTok use it yourself and learn the ins and outs of it.

Not to be rude, but does this means it’s an incredibly shitty contract which helps creators grow so you can perpetually take a cut from their media deals?

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Not rude at all, super valid question.

No I only want 10% of what I personally bring in, as well as access to their data and the first person they go to when reaching out or being reached out to, for influencer campaigns and endorsement deals.

I make a bulk of my money from ad campaigns, I like being able to run campaigns based off big data. I.e. Having access to some of the top influencers analytics and results is long term more of a money making grab for me, then trying to rip $200 out of their $500 deal lol


Not gonna lie, aside from your profile picture making me want to punch that face, I like you!


Very green to agency work, but very interested in understanding the ins and outs myself, specifically with tik tok. Instagram is a pain nowadays, and tik tok is rising quick. The app is straight up fun, too.

Appreciate it.
If you take care of your influencers, they quickly become brand advocates and open up doors for you from their gratitude.

Fun Fact:
Most of these influencers don’t even have P.O. Box, so one of the first things I do is set up their entire P.O. box structure for them. They typically are beyond appreciative of this, while I just task my V.A. to do the 10mins of work lol

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ive been loving your posts and your knowledge for tik tok and id love to know more about this, can you send me ome info on this… I have totally given up on instagram and having great success on snapchat but id love to learn tik tok

Any specific questions you would like me to elaborate on?

just trying to learn the algorithm etc, I found my niche and its video game clips and I link them to my youtube page so they can see the rest of the videos… all I do is go to instagram and compile as many videos as I can and just go to artlist.io and get some music and then create a 30-60 minute video on I movie … and just wanted to know how I can make some good money on tik tok, I just wanted to hear your ideas on how to make money because that’s what we are all here for