Tiktok Marketing Agency?


Wdy think of the possibility of this happening in the near future?


It’s already happening: @customlogovideos


Currently I’m building a MCN for 1 region of the world, as well as a sort of “tiktok incubator”. Which sounds funny but something similar to “Team 10”.


How do I get in


Lol. Where do I sign up to become the next Jake Paul? :joy:


Question - you seem to know a tonne about tiktok man - do you have a youtube or blog etc I can consume more info on it? Tiktok honestly seems super straight forward as a platform, just looking to consume info that isn’t youtuber ‘i MaDe 500k On TiKtOk’ dribble.


I’d recommend checking out Michael’s FB group. I urged him to start one and even gave him a few shoutouts from mine when he got started. It’s by far the best Tiktok FB group.



Appreciate it bud! I’m not really all that interested in growing a Tiktok, so much as I am understanding it as a whole. Will check it out!