Tiktok new feature promote button not showing

Hello ,
Tiktok has launched the new promote button feature to create ads
I don’t see it on my account
Can anyone help me how to get it

Is there some followers needed to get this feature
Let me know if anyone has a good idea

yes, some accounts don’t have that feature yet and I’m not sure if there are some specific requirements, @Nik do you have any ideas?

As far as I’m concerned they are still testing it out and it’s not available for everyone. I don’t think there are any specific requirements for that, it’s just not available for you yet.

Probably it’s still not available for accounts from your country.

yes, that’s what i thought, so in that case, all that you have to do is wait and see what would happen.

I have 2 linked accounts, with one I am allowed to promote and has the promote feature. The second one does not have it, anyone knows why? You need to wait one month?