TikTok next big thing?

I was analysing TikTok since months and also since the IG bot game came to an end, here are the results:

  • It is a fact, that social networks rise & fall. It always starts with the shift of a certain generation towards a specific social network, for example Facebook to IG/Snapchat. I can remember those times when people said “IG will never be as big as Facebook”, now we can see an evolvement which proofs the difference.
  • TikTok has enormous potential right now to grow immensively fast. I created an account weeks ago and posted 2 videos, tried to follow manually around the network and reached a followback ratio of almost 50%, which is huge for an account without any content.
  • Yes it is true, no links so far and also direct messaging is not possible, but guys… Give this network some time. In the US and China TikTok is already releasing business account systems which will make this kind of stuff possible.
  • For now the Follow/Unfollow method is the tool we are working with. It is pretty effective and I also read some Threads on BHW how people made it possible to lead the TikTok traffic towards IG (which is possible as you can link your IG profile already)
  • I believe this can be a huge thing with TikTok and I dont want to fed up because I was too late in the game like with IG

What do you guys think so far? Are my thoughts realistic? Would be grateful to collect some Ideas here:)


Dear Bro,
are you using bots to automate tiktok accounts?


It proves to be super promising, was against it months ago, but i’d agree with most of what youre saying for sure.


I wasn’t a believer until I was with a hot college girl the other weekend and she was telling me out of the blue how her friend has 12k followers on tik tok.

Once hot college girls are on it, everyone will be on it sooner or later. Literally how Facebook, Tinder, Instagram, Snapchat, you name it all started.

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I know a 15 year old personally that has like 70k followers, I didn’t believe it till she proved it. I checked the followers and they all looked legit. shits insane

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is there anyone who has working bot for tiktok?

Would also be interested in a TikTok automation tool


Same here! Tiktok could be a HUGE moneymaker since kids are the easiest to convince to buy or do something that could profit you in any way. It doesnt matter that they dont have a credit card. The will of a kid towards his or her parents is BEYONG strong. Believe me. Plus they are very competitive against eachother


You make us sound so greasy with that statement lol…

Damn I haven’t even thought about it in this way. Sure you could question the morals but what he is saying is right. Just look at all the big YouTubers right now targeting mainly kids and selling them their stuff getting rich in the process.

I feel like right now might be the time to jump on it though because in the early faces, it is always way easier to grow on a platform. So as some of you have said, they got multiple thousand followers pretty easily. You could built up that platform and leverage those followers to other platforms like IG and YT like some musica.ly (which was bought by TikTok) influencers have done.

I also hear a lot about TikTok, but have not really looked into. If people are getting thousands of followers it could definitely be the next innovative idea. I also need to look more into it

Tried to say it in the most non fucked up way :sweat_smile: sorry but ya’ll get the point

I think you’re thoughts are pretty realistic, I wouldn’t be surprised if TikTok ends up becoming the next big thing.

But on the other hand, in the meantime, what can we learn from the how other social media companies developed and apply it to potential ways of how TikTok will start changing the social media landscape?

Or will it just remain kind of on the side like Vine? Or will Instagram or some other tech giant eat up TikTok’s unique way of providing content, just like how Instagram basically did the same thing as SnapChat? For a while, brands were happy to pay Vine stars directly to make ads and share them to their millions of followers. But after Snapchat and Instagram grew into hundreds of millions of daily users, marketers’ interest in Vine dropped significantly. I guess it all depends on if the company can differentiate itself successfully in the ever changing market.

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TikTok is different of Instagram, to use TikTok you need to create video but Instagram is for more people, you can post pictures, stories, videos etc all people can do this, but all people doesn’t want create videos like TikTok :man_shrugging:

we have to invest in tiktok


We will offer that soon.

soon my friend

I have been saying this since May of this year. We need to have a Tik Tok bot. before tik tok has IG scale problems


To be honest with the marketing point: Kids ARE easy to convince but what do they not have? Any payment possibilities, the thing is they always have to ask their parents first to buy something. I am pretty sure the conversation game will need time but what you obviously can do now, is fkn grow accounts like hell. Now is still the time to do that, but in 1-2 years it will be the same hard work like on IG.
Btw. Has anyone thought about TikTok Names pishing?


also, kids eventually grow up. become their favorite influencers on tik tok, they will always be a fan and purchase from you.