Tiktok Permanently Live Banned

Hi guys. So a couple of weeks ago, TikTok permanently banned my live. Honestly, that live brought me joy and happiness out of me being about to talk to different people who accepted me and enjoyed talking. I would get from 200-60 views on my live. So someone sent me a donation and I started dancing. It wasn’t Inappropriate and all of a sudden … BOOM. Tiktok cut my live and Permanently, not Temporarily like the norm. , but permanently banned me. I’ve Emailed them and everything multiple times and I honestly don’t know what to do. Like is there ANY way out of this ? At all? What should I do??

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What’s your profile?



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I’m having the same problem it happened a couple days ago. I emailed them…reported it… messaged them on Instagram / Twitter. Have they gotten back to you? Im annoyed!

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how to get the Live? is it just random or trust score?

to get the live ,is it more amount of followers then can active the live?

need 1000 followers then it’s unlocked

nope, I have 5k and it’s not yet

dont be like… Honestly, inappropriare…
Start making new acc or do something else. All success ppl failed many many times. It’s normal. Did you think you do something once and get big success? its very rarely. Need stand up when you falled instead crying why I falled, somebody help etc. Be man :slight_smile:


Agreed. As long as you don’t do anything clearly against the rules, it should be fine.

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Pleeaasssee reply😩 I don’t know what to do !

They never got back to me. Did they to you ???

nope. still waiting smh

Tiktok did that to me yesterday and today but you can usually go live again the next day

My tiktok live was premanetly baned I don’t know why

Me and my friend were chatting on there together and he does porn and brought that up so I guess that’s why I’m banned lame asf but follow me @biggnastog

I just got banned permanently and have 13.6k don’t know what to do should I email??

Keep in mind that they never reply or consider emails. I’d start a new account.

Sir I don’t know why my live steam was premanetly banned please help me please

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Couldn’t you just click the appeal button up top? Do you still have access to the app?