Hey guys,

I’m a long time MP user, 3-4 years and in theHey guys,

I’m a long time MP user, 3-4 years and in theHey guys,

I’m a long time MP user, 3-4 years and in the


What kind of content? Reposts or original? Where did you find success or what specifically triggered massive growth? What do you monetize?

Wish I had the opportunity to create original stuff because being older kinda sucks for the platform, and reposting is not my thing, but would have loved to utilize it to at least grow other things (insta, web traffic, patreon, etc). I’d even be happy with 50k just to push them to Instagram.

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I do skits/reaction videos. I’ve been posting every couple days for the last 5 months. I monetize via merch, affiliate links, Instagram, onlyfans and paid sponsorship.

How old are you?

There are a lot of older generation creators on the platform.

Hope this helps!


That’s awesome, sounds like the right fit. Wasn’t expecting merch to work, but that’s great. What kinda stuff do you get people into with your OF content-wise?

As for me… in my 30’s and a photographer, although on the plus side I sometimes work with attractive models (and nude) so I have the potential to make stuff that doesn’t involve me.

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Merch is pretty common for creators on TikTok. If I wear my merch in my videos it will be seen by at least 500,000 people. I repost banned TikToks on OnlyFans, inappropriate skits.

I’m 27 but a lot of my creator friends are 30-40. If you can grow an audience in the photog niche you can definitely gain a lot of customers from TikTok.

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did it take you 5 months to reach 650k followers? can you share a little bit about that journey? and what helped you grow that fast? any automation services?

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Are you doing any botting? If so with which bot?

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Oh, wow! I’ve been following this account for a few months now.


Do you still use hashtags in your posts? If so, how many hashtags do you use in your posts? and do you notice that posts with hashtags do better than those that are without hashtags?

Yes 5 months to grow to 650. To be honest, posting daily, relatable and shareable content. There is also a luck element, some days the algorithm favours you and some days it doesn’t, the best way to work with the algorithm is by posting daily.

I’m not aware of any TT bots and I’ve never used any.

Organic reach/growth is the best IMO.

Thanks bruv!

Appreciate it :slight_smile:

I find that hashtags don’t make or break a video.

You may get 100-1000’s + views however you won’t go get 100’s of thousands just with hashtags a lone.

I have several videos with 5 million + views with no hashtags whilst some videos with hashtags only get 200k

I’ve been saying that for months. I never use hashtags, and if I do, it’s just for fun.