Tiktok shadow ban? What can i do?


Hello, so i have a TikTok account that reposts content and it was growing very well, getting great amount of views i was getting anywhere from 3k-45k views per video. Then i noticed my videos were getting a few hundred to 1.2k views at best my account is a pro account so i looked at the stats and my videos are not being show on the for you page or under the hashtags at all???


Shadowbanned is 0-100 views.


  • • How many accounts do you have on your mobile device? 1 account per 1 device. This includes even logging out, making a new one, and then never using it.
  • • Have you been posting consistent content? If you take an extended period of time off from posting on TikTok this is not a good sign to TikTok as you seem inconsistent.
  • • Did you have any of your content flag or temporarily removed?
  • • Did you reupload any content that might be from someone else’s account with their watermarks on it?
  • • Does your content blatantly promote or try to push people onto another website?
  • • Are you using Hashtags that are against TOS or shadowbanned themselves?
  • • Are you promoting any content that might not be TOS compliant?


Thanks for this explanation! Make sense i made a post yesterday and i only got about 80 views. I’m starting a new one with consistent content daily! I’ve also triad a free trial for a tik tok automation. having my account logged in on my phone and another device, could that be also lead to shadowban?