Tiktok shadow ban? What can i do?

Hello, so i have a TikTok account that reposts content and it was growing very well, getting great amount of views i was getting anywhere from 3k-45k views per video. Then i noticed my videos were getting a few hundred to 1.2k views at best my account is a pro account so i looked at the stats and my videos are not being show on the for you page or under the hashtags at all???

Shadowbanned is 0-100 views.


  • • How many accounts do you have on your mobile device? 1 account per 1 device. This includes even logging out, making a new one, and then never using it.
  • • Have you been posting consistent content? If you take an extended period of time off from posting on TikTok this is not a good sign to TikTok as you seem inconsistent.
  • • Did you have any of your content flag or temporarily removed?
  • • Did you reupload any content that might be from someone else’s account with their watermarks on it?
  • • Does your content blatantly promote or try to push people onto another website?
  • • Are you using Hashtags that are against TOS or shadowbanned themselves?
  • • Are you promoting any content that might not be TOS compliant?

Thanks for this explanation! Make sense i made a post yesterday and i only got about 80 views. I’m starting a new one with consistent content daily! I’ve also triad a free trial for a tik tok automation. having my account logged in on my phone and another device, could that be also lead to shadowban?

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How would I go about getting unshadowbanned? Because tiktok doesn’t respond to support tickets, or at least mine because I’m shadowbanned. Thanks!

Is there any way to get out of the shadow ban?

I have this same problem too and it has been for months now and my posts still does not appear neither on fot you page nor hashtag…did you fix this?

Just wait and follow the rules your shadowban will go away

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100%! People are too impatient.

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how long do i have to wait because i been going viral like every week like every few days so i dont wanna mess up the momentum, i went from getting thousands even hundreds and a milly to getting less then 30 views, please how long do i have to wait

They say two weeks but i’m not sure you might have to do this:



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Interesting. We will see with your account :crossed_fingers: