TikTok ShadowBan Help/Rant

Has anyone actually gotten rid of shadow ban once they got it?
It has been almost 1 month since shadow ban on my main account (355k)
since then I managed to get two more accounts shadow banned (40k, 30k) I grew both of these accounts to that in a couple days. (been about 2 weeks of shadowban)

I am not showing up on “for you” on any of the 3 accounts.
I tried so many things to remedy & nothing worked
-deleting all videos with yellow dot over song
-deleting all videos that might be offensive in any way. (one had 12M views)
-clearing cache
-delteting app and re installing
-closing app for 5 minutes and the opening.
-Posting original content (only 1 post so far)

The one thing i havent tried is deleting all my videos. But I scared i’m gonna do that and then still be shadowbanned.

Update: I deleted all the videos on one account (40k) and posted 1 piece of original content) still not getting shown on for you. (has only been 2 days though since deleting all videos)

I have another account that I only posted 6 times on and has been steadily growing for about a month and is at 15k now. It was the exact same kind of content that i was posting on my other 3 accounts that all got shadowbanned. The only change was the amount of content posted.

ANY SUGGESTIONS? I’ve pretty much gave up on tik tok at this point. I would really like to know if anyone has actually gotten over their shadowban. Because after trying all these things it doesnt seem possible and I have not seen an account that was shadowbanned go back to the way it was before.


Do you have any idea about why accounts are getting Shadowbanned? :thinking:

Its happening the same to one friend, he opens an account, his videos start to appear on #4you, but suddenly, after some time, views drop to 0, directly.

A lot of people is complaining about this, it makes legit Content Creators leave the platform.

I was Shadowbanned because I kept reposting a video that was against community guidelines, I waited over a week and kept posting original content and then eventually started appearing on the for you page. So I think they key is patience and keep posting consistently

Do you think it could be how many times you posted per day? That is my best hypothesis for the moment.

that’s the only thing I can think of. Or one piece of content flagged something. But I just didn’t get the flag on the account I only posted 6 videos to

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how often did you post
did you delete the video that was causing trouble?
That’s nice of tiktok to tell you which video they didnt like. It seems like for most people they just don’t tell you. Which is what makes the whole situation so frustrating.

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They Took the video down and then i deleted it but make sure you don’t ever delete a video just keep them private thats what ive been told better for algorithm. Just post once a day for a week and the shadow ban went and i went viral again

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I keep reading about shadowban in TikTok and it’s so frustrating.

I think we should focus on experimenting with shadowban as well and finally understand what causes it and how it can be lifted.

Have you tried if ads work? At least in instagram a hashtag shadowban caused by a block, is lifted when I run an ad (based on my personal experience).

Maybe it can work also with tik tok if you have business account.

When you made these other accounts did you:

Create them on a brand new phone, with a new SIM card?

What data connection did you have for these phones? Are they on their own data plan, or are you sharing WiFi?

I was not showing up on hash tags for about 2 weeks but now I am again

all sharing wifi, same phone, same sim.
I don’t think this is problem though because I have 2 other accounts that I didn’t post that much on and are still growing slowly each day.
while the 3 accounts that got shadowbanned are losing followers

Yup, they’ll be compromised very soon.

Can’t share the same sim / phone. The system catches on VERY quickly!!


What is your solution for those people then?

You are allowed to have 3 accounts logged in at the same time per device…

I think he is referring to sharing a device with an account that is already shadowbanned

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What’s your take on WiFi? Let’s say I have 5 separate devices for 5 separate accounts. Should I reroute all internet traffic separately to be 100% safe? Instagram, for instance, oftentimes blocks using IP, this makes me believe that TikTok would have the same capabilities.

it’s been almost a month. I don’t know if you know what you are talking about

Ok, I don’t. :man_shrugging:t2::man_shrugging:t2:

What advice do you have to get unshadowbanned please?

Imo, you’d want to avoid it rather than deal with.

But… you can’t avoid it as you already have it. So, unless you have severe community guidelines violations, I’d apply what you’d do on IG:

  • keep posting regularly
  • keep behaving as a normal user on your account
  • be patient

Sometimes shadowbans can last long. I know that’s not what you want to hear but… y’know.

I must admit, I haven’t had many accounts shadowbanned so you might want to hear the opinion of someone who has had many shadowbanned and overcame it multiple times. I rather focus on ‘preventing it’.

Also, do you mean your videos are not getting any views at all?
How are you checking if you ‘appear on the for you page’?