Tiktok Shadowban IP?

Hello, so recently I have been using my normal home WIFI to create TikToks on my phone and computer and realized that they are not getting any views (0 to be exact). However, when I post with cellular data that account does just fine. Why is this and how can I fix this? The content I post is original.

Your WIFI is actually linking your accounts. Use one account with your WIFI - for the other one, go with the data. If you have more accounts, you might need proxies and proper/more serious management.

Hope this helps!

Hello, thank you for your response. So where’s what I have: I have my main account and my alt account. Since I previously made accounts before, but deleted them since, will they still be “connected” to my wifi?

No. No worries on this.

You might even be able to use both of your accounts on your WIFI (or not, it depends on their trust score on the app mostly and on your WIFI trust score aswell) - so try it out with data / WIFI and compare results. You might need to avoid your WIFI from now on.