Tiktok shoutouts basic questions

Good day, guys.
The title is quite clear, so the question is - have anyone of you tried TikTok shoutouts nowadays?
What the avg price for the post(mention), how many new followers, likes, views you got, and so on.
Would be thankful for any info, cheers :wink:

personally, I have not, but let’s see our friend :blush: @oolongo maybe he tried it.


Yeah useful thread, I was looking for exactly the same informations. Looking forward to some useful tips.

Haven’t tried it but it would be worth exploring as a business model, similar to IG. You could just mention or get mentioned in the caption. Otherwise, you are going to have to be super creative to incorporate it into the video. Maybe inter-niche would be easier.

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yeah the video should be very creative, it shouldn’t be that obvious.

The popularity of your video determines your earning target. There should be more number of followers to spread your video.

I saw some bloggers do duets with each other, that’s also a great way to shout each other out.

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Has anybody tried to make money this way? Interested to hear experiences.