TikTok support and contact


Has anyone ever succeeded in contacting and getting a reply from TikTok support?
I have 2 big issue with my account, one is that my notification center doesn’t work properly (I cannot see any of my new comments and have to check manually, very annoying) and another is that I wrongly entered my age when creating my account so I cannot join the Creator Program nor livestream because the app thinks I am underage.
I have submitted several reports but no reply so far.

Looking forward to hearing your experiences.

I’ve contacted them twice. Once for the messed up notifications, and once for not having the Live option after reaching 1000 followers.

They didn’t reply to my first ticket, but the issue got fixed after 2 or 3 days. Avoid submitting the same request twice, as there MIGHT be a ticket queue, which means that every time you contact them, your ticket goes to the bottom of that queue. Just wait it out.

The age thing, if they ever reply, they’ll ask you to show a document and prove that you are 16+. Again, don’t submit more tickets.

Thanks Nik. I’ll wait for a week or two.
So you had notifications issues as well? It has been 3 days now and I think it’s an issue with my account because changing device won’t solve the issue.
Thing is, I can DM people so I’m supposed to be at least 16 in the app. But I don’t see how I could have entered a wrong birth year so it might be another glitch in the Creator Marketplace program.