Tiktok systems updated?

Hey guys,

I have been posting daily on TikTok and had a few viral videos. All of a sudden over the past 2 days videos went from 100k views to 0.

Has anyone had this issue?

Do TikTok shadowban accounts?


like the views went away or your new ones only get 0 ?

last 5 vids literally 0

What were you posting? Were you doing anything suspicious

yes they do shadowban but that doesnt make sense how you would get 0 views on 5 videos. When you are shadowbanned your content only gets shown to your followers. how many followers did you have?

I think it’s just a glitch. I heard this happen to someone before. Send an email to their customer support and they should reply within a few days. This is what the other person did and it was resolved.

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