TikTok - USA traffic - OnlyFans

Hey, I am looking for someone who is running OF agency.

I need multiple videos which can be posted on TikTok.
I will run it for free on my phone bot, eight accounts.

This is free of charge; I want to do my tests.

The location of TikTok accs is the USA, which is the most wanted traffic.

I prefer to work with one agency with 2-3 models for tests.

The requirement is TikTok-alike videos.

Send me PM


I guess it would be better to use Tiktok “stiches” that allows you to use other models videos and target their followers organicaly and drive them to your account. This method showed efficiancy driving traffic in bulk for dating and adult niche. More than that, there is a way to hack the stitches method and only use other people videos without adding your content, the thing that will save you the effort to look for good appealing videos to add (since the normal method of stitches consist of adding at least 3 sec of your own content).

Hey, I think my account may be too new to DM you but I just signed 2 OF models on - they’re actually a couple. The ink hasn’t even dried yet on their contracts. Anyway - if you think your phone bot can help them get more reach - while you run your tests and collect that data - it sounds like a win-win for everyone. Have you had issues with getting banned or restricted while using your bot in the past?