Tiktok verification tips and tricks

What tips do you guys reccomend for verification im a content creator on tiktok and dont want anyone to steal my identity. @eddybraniff on tiktok go check it out

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To be honest, I’m not sure you’re in a place to be considering verification. (With 3k followers) A lot of influencers on tiktok have upwards of 500k without verification. That being said, if you are a celebrity of some kind, follower count wont matter at all. So just be a bit more clear on that if you can.

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completely agree. I think on TikTok there is actually a minimum number you must achieve, unlike IG

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Okok I was just wondering because my mom is a public figure and she told me I should probably figure out how to get a verification.

I heard that verification only provides you with a blue tick and a harsher TikTok verification. Meaning that they will verify each and every video manually and if they find something that troubles them they take it down instantly.

So its not worth it?

There is no minimum number for verification. people are verified starting from 800 followers on Tiktok

ikkkk my mom is a public figure and sje says im at mlre risk of being impersonated, pñus im growing quite quick

With 3k followers I think being impersonated should be the last thing to think about.

The problem comes in when people start accidentally exposing personal information when they have hundreds of thousands - or even millions of followers, and even then, if people want to impersonate you, there’s nothing to stop them.

I doubt TikTok would give verification to anyone they think might be at risk of being impersonated, let along actually being impersonated, at which point they’ll probably ask you to report the offending accounts.

show us if you can

I have almost 2 million followers now and I’m still not verified. Not sure what the trick is, but it would be mixed to have that verification.

are you verified on another channel?

I know users with over 8 million followers that are not verified. Similar to Instagram, you need to be a notable public figure, or a global brand. Having thousands or millions of followers does not guarantee you a verification badge.

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No, but I have about 11k followers on instagram

I see dogs with only 500k followers that are verified on tiktok though?

When I asked someone at TikTok, they told me that you had to have another social media account with 100k or more followers to be verified.
But sometimes, smaller influencers who do not even meet the requirements get verified because:

  • they have established a strong presence on TikTok (TikTok likes creators who focus on publishing content made for their platform with trending sounds, filters, 9:16 format…)
  • they belong to a powerful talent agency

My tips:
Try to grow an audience outside of TikTok. Give your TikTok audience a reason to follow you on your other social medias but be subtle.
Do not create TikTok videos only to promote your other social media accounts
Always stay original, take advantage of all TikTok’s assets and create videos that can only be enjoyed there.


you need to be verified on another channel or be a public figure

These guys have inside contacts. My main clients are ‘dogs’ and we verified all of them using a TikTok contact. One of my clients couldn’t be verified by my account manager but the account owner was an old campaign manager for Hilary Clinton. He pulled some strings and got verified at like 30k.

Thanks for the input. So basically it’s difficult to get verified now without an inside contact?

Have a contact, work with an agency who has a contact, or be overwhelmingly famous.

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