Tiktok views getting stuck at 250 even with 12% Engagement

I am running a tiktok profile
Many of my vidoes get stuck at 250-200 range even after getting lots of engagement (60-70 likes , comments, shares etc)
The overall engagement is good but still why the account doesnt get more views?
Can anyone please share their thoughts and ideas


most likely something have leaked on your end,
tiktok is very strict when it detects something unusual, most likely spoofed geo.
throw that account and start a new one.


We can help. Send me your best contact such as telegram/Skype/WhatsApp

does something like this also happen in insta?

Hello Sure
Its bradygarner746 on Skype. Please get in touch with me
Skype link

Yes same thing happens on Insta as well

@maekylatsp will wait for your msg

Hi, I have the exact same issue, did you find a solution ?

Did you find solution?