TikTok views stop suddenly at ~150

I have a few exceptions to this where I’ve gotten a bunch of views.

However, for most of my videos, I will be getting this influx of views and likes, when it suddenly freezes and I can barely get a view once an hour. You’d think the trend was that since people were watching and liking my video, they would continue to do so. But it feels like TikTok stops showing my video after the 140-150 mark. It can’t be the content, because people who watch it “like” it – it has to be the algorithm or the exposure that TikTok is giving to my video.

What gives? It’s really frustrating.

It’s really strange… maybe you are shadow banned for somes reasons… :confused:

yeah, that’s most likely a shadowban, even if the users that watched the videos like them it doesn’t mean that Tiktok itself liking them, what kind of content you are posting? and have you changed your content in the previous 7 days?

So. 150 may not be a Shadowban
THe way the algorithm works on Tiktok is that it will show your Content to 100-200 people that could be interested in your Content. If it is not interesting for them the growth will stop.
If it is interesting and they watch a lot of the Content, it will pe pushed to the next group of People and so on and so on.

0 Views is a Shadowban for sure because that should never happen.
100-200 views? I would look at the Content and see if other pieces of Content work better

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