TikTok working at all?

Are there any parts of TikTok that do work? It seems like it hasn’t worked in a very long time


As for Jarvee, we are still working on making things better for TikTok and we still do not have any estimations on when it will be back up. We will be sending though a newsletter once everything’s A-OK

If you are talking about Jarvee, no, unfortunately, it’s still not working.

but TikTok is working for me

the op is most likely talking about tiktok tools in Jarvee.

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yes because at the moment TT is not correctly working on JV.

Is that on Jarvee?

As far as I know, TIktok is still not working at the moment.

Ooo! it’s about Tik Tok on Jarvee

Hi! Someone have news about if Tiktok is working in Jarvee? Thank you.

no, it’s not. none of the TikTok tools are working.

It’s not working :slightly_frowning_face:

they have made some big changes on their API hence it will take some time for Jarvee to apply those changes but they should fix TT at some point.

We regret to inform you that the team has decided to remove TikTok Beta from Jarvee since we did not have it fully working even from the beginning.

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I am so sad to see it gone. had good hopes.

Oh that is so sad :frowning:

Yeah, that is so sad to hear. Jarvee would be great for Tiktok as Jarvee is very easy to use. But still Jarvee supports a lot of platforms that you can use.

I am very sad because of this but I still hope they will manage to include it sooner or after.

I am pretty sure that once thing will be more clear maybe they will consider to add it again