Tiktok Zero 0 Views (shadow ban)

I started an account with the plan to repost others content. The first thing I posted had already been posted on the platform and got 4 views. My next post hadnt managed to get 500 views. Then everything after got 0.

So I deleted my account and started a new one. First post gets 0 views (its definitely original content from my archive).

Is my phone shadowbanned?

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Did you delete the app entirely before creating a new account?

I didn’t. Will try this next time

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I have posted 4 videos in my new account, all mine. First hit 24 views all others 0.

Before that I used tik tok to understand how it works so I only posted private videos and not public but now I’ve deleted them.

I saw on internet people are having this 0 views problem often.

Has anybody here found a solution ?

It’s so frustrating to even begin with tik tok if we have the same sh*^%+ as with Instagram


my personal account is ok but other multiple I tried to open have the same problem as yours.
dunno damn

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I ll do the same, I ll try to post a new video from a new account and different phone and see what happens

The accounts def have an authority rating from what I have noticed. One of my accounts has fewer videos and it is easier for that one to get viral videos. Compared to my personal account, I have tons of videos and the videos that’ll hit still won’t get a bunch of views. Could be my cruddy content.

I’m sure the app is taking into consideration the originality of the content though…

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Same first video only 11 plays while the second and third 0.

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Still haven’t solved that… content is original