[TIP] Get your SIM cards organized

Just a small tip to help you organize your sim card game.

Build tower!

(just kidding)

Up until today I was using couple of letter trays from IKEA and they work great (each can hold 400 sims) but the main downside is that you can’t take them with you if you go travel or just feel like doing PVs from comfort of your sofa :slight_smile:

So after searching online for some time and actually thinking of ordering custom made plastic pocket sheets I came across COIN COLLECTOR ALBUMS!!! They come in different shapes and forms and are very handy to keep your sim cards organized! You can even buy separate plastic pocket sheets and build your own album.

Hope this helps!

How do you organize your sims? Do you have better method? Let everyone know :wink:

Best regards!


I use pill boxes. Like this

5-10 in each one and label them accordingly

Keep up to 280 sim cards in one A5 size holder



I use a card holder purchased from Amazon (but surely available on Aliexpress).
Originally made to organize business cards, hold sim cards perfectly as they are same size


Hey guys
What for are you using such a great amount of sim cards?
What is the average price of one?
I just want to know, are mine cheaper or not?

I use this exact same thing for organizing the sims yep

I use the Folders you can buy for Magic the Gathering Cards.

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@everyone Who would find an web-based tool useful for managing your physical and virtual sims? Simply a database where you put all your sims in with all data number etc…and on wich accounts it is used…expiration date, total spend money…?

I’m thinking about to create a tool like this.

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You mean excel/Google sheets?

No, if you read carefully you will find the words web-based tool in my text.

Yeah exactly, I use Google sheets for that kind of stuff

Do you have a template for this? Share it with us. Would be cool