Tip make acc last longer + less PV

So what i’ve noticed is when you buy aged accs and first login for the 1st time follow the ppl instagram recommends for you (natgeo, cristiano, kimkardashian) those people I got 5 acc 3 of them followed them and 2 didnt when i registered them and they didn’t require PV for only the two i didnt follow the accounts. I’ve also done this with other accounts and noticed this so try it! :slight_smile: only follow like 3 though

You know, I thought there were reasons to your madness. When I tried doing this… BOOM PV + ban…!

this is a conspiracy!

WHAT it’s literally working for me and I seen a user say something like this 2 weeks ago :flushed: had to be another factor!

I tried this a while ago though… and yeah I think the accounts I purchased are to blame. I will try this again and see what happens!

Alright my friend good luck!

for me i creat accts by my self
but i d’ont know this please confirm it to me
service who sell accts are just creat accts and d’ont do any think else just creat them and log out ?
event aged accts are inactiv and work well ?

thats why any account needs warmup even aged ones

I know I’m talking about first day like first login not second day which is what most ppl do.

Salam Adel, Yes aged accounts are better then new because they are less likely to get banned. They are made and just left for months or even years depends on what type of aged account you want to buy.