Tips and advice on how I can monetize this page

Guys I have a page of 104K, it’s a niche of women ( Hot Women), I made it grow with the bot, obviously with some settings just the page grows of 1000 a day. I never monetized with this page, I do a manual repost of photos of girls, I tried to contact some of these to offer him shoutout but no one ever answered me, what do you think I do?
Thanks A Lot

Why not create a Patreon account and upload even sexier pictures there,ask your followers 5$ for monthly subscriptions if you upload daily.


The problem is it’s a page of girls, and I would not have permission from them to do it

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Not of those girls obviously.
Get material from thumblr


What was your original intention with this account? People typically do not grow 100K accounts just for the heck of it.


I instead, I have so many of this scope that do not monetize anything :slight_smile:
at the beginning I had a very stupid purpose, I created them to use them as Sender in the Engagement groups, for my clients, but then my clients grew alone without these groups and then I stopped using them and now they are such dead accounts, that is without an economic gain

You can do ads. Adam and Eve contacted me for an ad a while ago, and that fits in with your niche

Adam and Eve?! How “while” was this ago? :wink:


I bet you ate the apple, right?

Last month, during the middle of August

sell it. I am not kidding.

There are a little fond of it, they are still 110K pages and every day they grow up.