(TIPS) How to be more confident selling to new clients 🤑


Recording yourself is definitely helpful. In making videos, speaking, journaling, music, anything. It’s like when you’re an athlete and watch tape to see what you can improve on and what you did really well!


Client’s budget 200$ per month. How many followers would you offer per month?


Definitely. Agency athletes :nerd_face:


Good stuff! I definitely need to make some sort of script, it’s so easy to get lost in less important technical details when trying to explain what is going to happen


FIX AN APPOINTMENT ALWAYS (you’re important and you don’t want to waste their time on the first meeting) on da appoint you’ll explain them why they aren’t growing/why they must grow NOW/what they’re missing (will not :spoon::spoon: you), you’ll go with some reports, (you’re important) so ALWAYS ask ur potential clients to write down the date and time of the appointment on a piece of paper (face to face, meetings are always better), if they tell you that they remember it, take YOU, your business card, write the time and da day and give it

> on the appointment create a big pain (they must feel that they are losing something) if they have a site ask if they’re getting traffic (and u know) if they ve some sort of social media management ask them how much they pay for it (you’ll be surprised, some are paying 200-300€ just for posting pictures, I :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Chickens)

> before the problem solution

> ask them three questions where the answer can ONLY be YES (e.g so you told me that you aren’t getting traffic RIGHT? and so on…)

> start pitching your solutions with the benefits for them (Never speak about the money here, even if they ask)

> Now, you must write on a paper all the features with the solutions and WHAT THEY GET with ur solutions (crucial), then YOU MUST ADD SOME USELESS FEAUTURES (later you will delete them) and make them an over-priced offer like 3x the real price (with some experience here u’ll already know how much they can spend). Once told the price you MUST SAY NOTHING - NOTHING - NOTHING - REMEMBER NOTHING - wait for their response, then based on this, start your answers but don’t start immediately to lower the price, start to remove the useless features, ONE at a time and let them weigh what benefits they will lose [make a line with the pen on top of the benefits you have written on the sheet (here you have to be an actor and make them understand that they are losing something big)]

> Management Sold.


Good and very in detail, thank you :smiley:


Removing features instead of lowering the price is a very interesting concept. Thanks! Will try that tomorrow with a potential client :wink:


let us know how it goes !


will do it for sure!


BTW Here’s one mindset which helps me to feel more confident: Don’t care about closing the client. :smile: The more you try the less you will be able to close. :man_shrugging:t2:


The fact it’s that he’s losing if he doesn’t accept ur services.


So true. I also hate the concept of pitching a service. Don’t pitch, educate.


Agree, If u pitch u’re selling, if u “educate” u re solving their needs.


Totally agree with this! And after I actually started to listen to people around me more, I’ve come to this conclusion as well.
First things first. If you’re breathing what you’re doing, the chances of you missing flaws in the customers business are 0 to none.
I’m gonna give myself as an example:

Tomorrow I’m going to sit at a table with the manager of a club in London who has a very bad marketing strategy on social media and who’s on the verge of bankruptcy. I studied his social media activity and I talked to the manager in charge of bringing people to save them from bankruptcy.
What I found out:
-The client is using forbidden hashtags therefore their engagement on the page sits at around 70 likes out of 18k followers for two separate accounts. Big flaw I’m gonna bring in the discussion in the first place. Lucky me, he has 2.800 posts on each account which I am more than sure he won’t have the time to take out the bad hashtags from. That’s my punchline. I’m using jarvee and his marketing department has no idea about how to even use hashtags in captions.
-I found out that the club has 10 times more potential than the owner shows. They have very class moments in their activities over the night, but they miss out one important thing: they don’t point that out to let people know about it.
-They post once a day and sometimes they throw in a story with a link.
-They pay other websites to sell their tickets when they could just use their social media to drive the traffic on their website and sell straight from there.

Those are a few examples of what they are doing wrong and yes, if you show them you breathe this, they have no chance in front of you when you negociate with them.
If I can give any advice to anyone, even if you didn’t ask, that advice would be: keep your friends close and your enemies closer. As for potential customers, well, make them your friends :wink:


The one thing that killed my confidence last year when starting out and selling to new clients was when I was using awful datacenter proxies that led to endless PVs. Once I finally got a solution that worked, that made all the difference.

So what I’m try to say is, when you truly believe in your product/service, that more than anything else will make you more confident in selling.


So do you purely run a Instagram agency or do you help your clients on other platforms as well?


the music part works for me i get this kind of confidence i don’t usually have


Cant name it an agency.
I manage few accounts, Instagram only.


100% agree with that!
Even though is good to have them on your side from the first try, I honestly act like they need me more than I need them.
It does the work in most of the cases.


Totally agree. I was on the same boat a couple of months ago