(TIPS) How to be more confident selling to new clients 🤑

I remember the meeting with my first potential client like it was yesterday. That meeting was a couple of years ago and i remember i was so uncomfortable that i wasn’t able to fully explain the thing i was best at. I know many people have this feelings starting out, and some have them even years in.

My partner was the exact same if not even worse. We where two nerds that where only good at two things, making websites and marketing. :nerd_face:

I have learned thru the years how to become more confident and better at this craft with the help of one of my mentors tips. I thought i’d shared 3 of the best tips he told me when i started out, and that i still implement even to this day.

First one.

You have to save the moments you feel the most confident, meaning you have to capture them in some kind of way. That way you could bring the confident side of you out when you need it. My mentor told me two methods of saving them and i implemented one myself later on.

The first one he explained to me was that i should pick one song to play when i felt the most confident and do that many times. And then when i knew i was about to fell uncomfortable speaking to clients, i’d listen to that song in advanced to get more confident. The second and third is the exact same idea but switching music with images, and if you want to go Thanos on it, play around with smells.

This in my experience do actually work and i have now listen to the same tune (for these brief moments) for about 4 years. And i have built that tune up to represent confident when i need it.

The second one. Record yourself speaking.

When i did this the first time i felt awkward as fuck. I don’t do this anymore but it really helped my speaking in the begining, and as cringeworthy as it is listening to, it really helps if you are an introvert. I think the more comfortable you are with hearing yourself speaking, the better you become selling to your clients. You also train your pace of speaking that you sometimes can’t hear when you are nervous.

The third thing that i implement when meeting with my most important clients is following a script.

Not a standard everything to say script, but an outline to guide the conversation. Ideally you want to create a outline of how you want the conversation to flow. It will include specific questions you want to ask your potential client but don’t stress saying everything perfectly and memorize lines.

To wrap things up.

I will keep it simple and short and try to bring value in other topics as well.

I’d love to hear about your methods so i can implement them myself. I still feel like i can improve a whole lot in this area of business. So comment your best tips. :point_down:

I tried getting a little bit more story telling writing thing into it, maybe i should stick to straight up…


Thanks for this :slight_smile: I’m pretty confident when speaking to new people especially as I’ve got older I guess you’re forced into these situations more and more! I still haven’t had the opportunity to pitch to clients, plenty of learning to do myself first!

Definitely, like the idea of a script/guideline though it’s sometimes hard to explain things without going too far off topic!


Nerd out! Every time I meet with a potential client I point out the flaws in their social media strategy and basically prove to them I live and breathe the subject. Talk like an expert. Give them general tips that make it seem like you’re giving them valuable advice before even starting, then they’ll melt in your hands :slight_smile:


@lukec2000 Glad you liked it, outsourcing some important stuff in my business just to create these posts so i later on have the information flow i need. So i really appreciate it.

good for you :wink:, Created this post for my fellow introverts :nerd_face:

@fahmed seems like you are not an introvert. So that tip is for the super extroverts experts then haha :rofl:

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@Seth haha I leave my house once every 2 weeks to avoid social interaction :sweat_smile: I’m 100% an introvert! But talking about IG is relatively easier since it’s all I do majority of the time so I just rant about that, clients get overwhelmed with info and think “okay okay he knows his shit lets give all our money” haha.

But agree with your tips, they do help a lot. At the end of the day I’ve found tho if you can establish yourself as the expert somehow during the convo, clients are easy to get.

Also develop a case study with the biggest account you own. If all fails I just show the 80k account I’ve been growing and they sign on almost instantly after that.


Glad we are on the same page :smile:, Good tip there at the end :joy:

Seems like a confidence issue :stuck_out_tongue: Just know that you don’t have to know everything and learning new things is beautiful, you’ll have a lot more easy-going convos!

Sometimes it’s good to talk about non business related things with clients, small talk so to say. Would be really akward to drink the rest of your coffee or eat the rest of the meal after business talk is over and not say a word, looks like “yeah I got your money, now stfu” :laughing:


It’s really helpful to share this, thanks.

I would say…

Do, fail, do better, repeat


Well I know you didn’t mean the meme at the end this way, but for me “knowlede” is exactly what makes you confident! If you have amazing knowledge about IG, you feel way more comfortable talking about it to a potential client than if you have little knowledge right?
Another thing that works wonders for me, and this might not support the typical beliefs of people: Don’t force yourself to be confident and don’t judge yourself if you’re not… Fully accept that you don’t feel as confident at that time and be fully ok with it, you’ll feel way calmer -> more confident. Paradoxic, but works for me :slight_smile:


I think being as honest and straight forward with clients is key. Telling a potential client that their content is not the best so they may not get as many followers vs promising them the moon builds a lot of trust and confidence


Unless they have friends/competitors who gain a lot fast and want the same :smiley:

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Straight up gold man. I appreciate you so much!


(am a natural born introvert)
Everyone is dropping good gold here, thanks for making the topic @Seth! I know people will benefit if they follow this advice. As I did this

for like a month straight XD

Its all about pushing yourself forward past any type of nervousness, being

and reading the situation your client/potential client lays out for you when you meet up.

I’ve found whenever you really push yourself past your boundary of comfort (this could mean alot of things like how long you work, picking up other jobs etc) is when you start excelling at what you want to do the most.

Lastly, always know you’re the shit. hahaha. At least that’s just me.

Again, thanks for makin the thread @seth


This is probably the best and easyest yet. Thank you.

I will try just to fully except it next time. Thank you for sharing your method.

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Thats my beliefs too.

Thank you. Glad you liked it :smiley:

Thanks for sharing, I think most of the time we spend too much time thinking about what’s to happen instead of implementing the action plan. It’s time to take this action and get out of the comfort zone!

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fully agree with you, always know you’re shit. Thank you my man, i really appreciate it :smiley: