[Tips] Improve Reach with Hashtags


Because a typical human user wouldn’t use all 30 hashtags. But, if all 30 work for you, then keep using them :wink:


Viral hashtags are the hashtags that are currently trending in your niche. They usually have a lot of posts and are hard to rank for.


I’m having problem using related hashtags, because related hashtags were all have “location”. like for example, #olshopjakarta while I’m at pekanbaru. It won’t help even if it somehow get viral at #olshopjakarta.


Hm, in that case, have you tried using the Jarvee related hashtags tool?
You can export the results and then filter out to keep those that you are interested in. For example, keeping only those with the word pekanbaru.


No because I dont use jarvee.

Well, gonna try the trial again later lol.


can we do this automatically?


You can scrape them in the “users and hashtags” tab in Jarvee and put them into Excel or Google Sheets. The hashtags are already sorted by number of posts after the scraping is finished but with the function of Excel you can easily sort them by the range of numbers of your preferences.


will jarvee able to set up like:
Group 1: 7 hashtags
Group 2: 5 hashtags
Group 3: 4 hashtags
Group 4: 4 hashtags
Group 5: 2 hashtags
sorry I’m not using jarvee, will try it later.


You dont have to use all groups. Depending on your reach you can use for example 80% of one group and 20% from another group. Group 1 is more for small pages and Group 5 is for very big pages. In Jarvee there is a field called “dynamic hashtags”. You can put the hashtags of one group in the left field and of another group in the right field. There you can also set the percentages.

When you want learn more about it, I recommend you to read the official course from Jarvee. There I learned this and much more.


As @roy mentioned, you don’t need to use all of the groups. In fact, I think Jarvee only allows you to use 2 groups, so choose them according to the size of your account and them switch/edit them as the account grows


@roy, thank you, will read the course.
@funniestpokemon, thank you, yes, only saw 2 groups, think it will be awesome if we can add more groups.


Yeah, I know; it’s probably at the bottom of their priority list :sweat_smile:


Well there’s your first issue lol

Great tips @funniestpokemon scraping a lot of tags in my niche and going after low hanging fruit has been a go to strategy I’ve followed. I’ve found in my niche people often go to the pages listed as top images and a high percentage of them follow provided the content is good. For spamming accounts, I just reuse the hashtags that major players in the niche are using in an attempt to get listed as a recommended user under them


Nice ad thanks! I was actually thinking about using the hashtags of big accounts to get listed as recommended, it’s like you read my mind :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Do you know if it’s possible to automatically extract these from a lot of accounts using Jarvee?


sure just put those users under the repost tool and send the draft campaign instead of posting and youll get an export of that accounts posts which you can then filter to the captions and with excel extract just the hashtags and boom you’ve got the list. Then it’d probably behoove you to run those through a hashtag tool that removes banned hashtags since viral content often causes certain tags to become temporarily blacklisted, you don’t want your posts being shadowbanned for also using that tag, you’d be one step ahead of your competition while their posts continue to get shadow banned becuase they usually re use the tags for every post anyway


Wow, so simple and yet so powerful, thanks!


Thanks for the tips! Greatly appreciated!


My pleasure :slight_smile:


Was wondering if anyone knew how to put dynamic hashtags in comments when jarvee reposts?


Yes, Inside your Campaign>Home>Advanced>Instagram>Dynamic Hashtags