[Tips] Improve Reach with Hashtags

Hi all,

As you all know, hashtags play a crucial part in improving your account’s reach and engagement. After testing, here are my top tips to include in your hashtag strategy:

1- Use less than 30 hashtags (up to 20 - 25 recommended)
2- Place Hashtags on caption not in comments
3- Use DIFFERENT HASHTAGS for every post ; never use the same combination of hashtags.
4- Use some viral hashtags that are related to your niche.
5- Use a combination of low volume and high volume hashtags. For example: 1 branded hashtag + 30% <100k posts hashtag + 30% <1M posts hashtags + 10% 1M+ posts hashtags + some viral ones

I’m curious, what worked best for you?

Also, if this post helped and would like more tips/guides on other topics, please like this post :slight_smile:


Great tips right there! I’m sure it will help some people.

I personally use always hashtags which are matching in size with the reach of the account. 80% of them are hashtags on which the posts can easily rank and get to the top posts. 20% are bigger ones on which the posts have at least the possibility to rank on with the engagement of the smaller ones. A good written spintax is also important in my eyes. So the hashtags dont get “abused” and you keep reaching new people.


Thanks Roy! Yes, totally agree. I’ve actually had mixed results with hashtags of similar reach as the account, but I’m still testing, so will probably add results here.


Thanks for your tips bro! There are some great advice

I can recommend to have some post with 5-10 hashtags, i think that the power of those should be a big higher in some situations, maybe this is only how i feel about.

What do you use for viral hashtags? related to the niche like love, cuddle and stuff? :slight_smile:


Just to clarify, with similar reach I dont mean:

Account = 10k followers
Hashtags = 10k posts

I mean more like that:

Account = 10k followers
Hashtags = 50-100k Posts

So these are not the same numbers, but posts where you can get in the top posts multiple times regularly.


Yes. Love, cute, travel, wanderlust etc. These are usually big hashtags so don’t overdo them as they are highly competitive

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I also like to use a few power comment groups on telegram immediately after posting combined with having a handful of other accounts “saving” a post and/or forwarding a post to other accounts in a DM


Totally agree but sometimes I wonder if there’s a safe quantifiable amount of spintax variations so that IG will not be detecting abuse.


I have around 5 groups of hashtags, each group tailored to different levels of reach.


Group 1: 10k-50k posts
Group 2: 50k-100k posts
Group 3: 100k-500k posts
Group 4: 500k-1mio posts
Group 5: 1mio+ posts

For each group I scrape around 100-300 hashtags and put them into the dynamic hashtag fields in Jarvee.

How many you should use depends on how often you are going to post (with hashtags) and how many you use on one post.

I like to post 2x per day on the most of my accounts. Thats why I go more for the 300 hashtags per group. That means I use 60 hashtags per day and 420 hashtags in the week. Because they are rotating there is a good chance that I will use a lot of different ones during the week with 300 hashtags.

Do your own calculation of how often you post x how many hashtags you use per post and you will get an idea on how many hashtags you should use overall.


These also work really well, thanks!
I once tried power comments about 1 year ago though and I think IG detected them because my reach dropped significantly. As soon as I stopped them, my reach increased again. Who knows though…


Thanks for being very detailed, makes a lot of sense. Will do my own calculation and see how it works out for me!

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Sure! Tell me how things are going when you tried it out! :slight_smile:

By the way for hashtag scraping I use the “users and hashtags” tab in Jarvee. With that you can easily find related hashtags to your niche. Just type in some of your current hashtags and set the number to your preferences. But be prepared it can take some time depending on which number you set before. So just let it scrape :grin::+1:


Yeah, I once waited about 20 minutes for it to finish scraping hashtags :sweat_smile:

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That’s an amazing plan!

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definitely bro, will let you know the results! Thanks so much for your nuggets!

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What’s your reasoning for not using 30?

What do you mean by viral hashtags?

Thanks for those tips but why not use all 30 hashtags?

Because normal Instagram user doesn’t post 30 hashtags on every post.


Also, my tip:
Use 5 post-related hashtags made from alt text.