Tips on changing proxy provider?

I am having huuuuge problems with constant phone validations these days, 30+ accounts are waiting to be validated at the moment.

I use 50 proxies by Massproxy and 36 proxies by Instant proxies and I would like to switch all accounts from Massproxy to new provider.

Any tips on how to transfer all accounts to new proxies? I have 17 valid accounts on Massproxy (plus 22 accs on PV).
Can you recommend me good proxy provider?

I had bad experience with BlazingSEO and $3 Highproxies are out of my budget.


Those proxies you mentioned, some are actually what was suggested by others. So it must be something you did that triggered it. Too many variables.


I am using instant proxies and everything is fine except the accounts that post videos.Are you posting videos?I checked my actions and the accounts get PVA even at under 200 actions per day,so its not because of to many actions,just something about video trigering a PVA.

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I also think that it was me, but can’t point my finger into anything specific. Settings are conservative, 1 acc/proxy.
I was thinking maybe I should get 25 BlazingSeo proxy instead of 50 Massproxy for same money and see what happens…

You are on to something here. I just PVed one of my accounts and realized there was a video I posted that triggered PV. It had zero views and likes. I deleted the video and deleted all videos from post list.

However, most of my accounts don’t post videos or don’t post anything.

I personally recommend BlazingSEOllc Proxies. The only problem is that its hard to add additional proxies after your innitial order. Contact support and ask “After I but 25 proxies, can I add additional proxies when needed?”

I wrote a guide inspired by your question regarding transferring your accounts to a new proxy safely.

Awesome, this was the answer I was hoping for. Thanks.

One of the problems I had when I was using Blazingseo proxies was they were allowing only one proxy replacement per month. I remember I used 3 or 4 when they told me I must wait for another month for new replacement. I hope they improved their service and support (it was not good).

Perfect! Mission accomplished :smiley:

When I used them (less than 3 months ago), they allowed the ability to replace 1 proxy/month. If you purchased 10 proxies, you could replace 10/month. If you purchased a million proxies, you could replace a million/month. From the looks of your message they either changed the terms, or they did not honor their terms.

Whenever I contact support of most business, and I dont get the right answer, I just call back and speak to a second person. I repeat the process until I get the right answer :smiley:

What I love about this method is that you will sometimes get a newbie which tells you the wrong information (which is in your favor). You can then complain and say you were told _______ and they will usually do it to make you satisfied. :smiley: