Tips on how to monetize 32k IG audience?

What’s up everyone?!

Turning to the fantastic people of MPSocial for some advice!

I have an adventure travel business that has a community of 32k on IG. I have hundreds of thousands of website visits a month as well.

I’m not really looking to do affiliate links or sell my own product. I’m wanting to keep the authentic feel of my business without seeming spammy and still delivering value.

I’ve considered using my FB pixel to create another brand completely separate and sell products there.

Would love to get everyone’s feedback on this!

I’m curious about this, do you use google adsense there? Your site, if it’s travel related is perfect for adsense ads.

Well, you wanna monetize it, but you don’t want to do affiliate links or sell products, not sure how else you’ll do it… Sell shootouts? I doubt that’s something you want… Also, 32K followers isn’t much, you wouldn’t be paid a lot for it.

Very true. Right now a lot of site traffic comes from giveaways so not natural traffic. I’m starting to lean towards the idea of using pixel data for an auxiliary brand.