Tips to convert traffic into followers?

Thanks to Jarvee, till now, I have been completely dependent on automation and i still am. But as a side project, inspired by the masters here on Mp who grew networks with millions of followers, I wanted to grow 4 pages to start with, without any automation.

I created a page about creatures in the ocean (repost). I shouted it out from my main page yesterday, which got it to 80 followers from 0. Now i posted a few posts. Yesterdays video got about 1300 views in less than a day, but my followers wont increase. They are stuck at 80. All the images that i post are definitely going on to the explore page, they are getting 50+ likes. I did not enable creator account or business account. I thought personal pages get more engagement and left it that way

Now, with the incoming traffic and likes, any ideas as to what should i be doing to get more followers as well?

What is the end game for the effort you are putting in? What are you trying to achieve?

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Learning to grow accounts with white hat methods I guess