Tips to grow instagram account?

Hey Guys, i would appreciate if you can share with me how can i grow my instagram account. Also do hashtag works still and whats the thing with instargam groups (how do i find and join these groups). Also something with telegram groups, anyone know about this. I really need somw tips that actually work. thanks for your time…

Read mp social, lot of methods, Jarvee, M/S, Hashtags guide, Engagement group all you need is here on mp social :wink: use the search function

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Hashtags definitely work it’s just how you use them and Instagrams able to detect the content of what you post better now so you might wanna only use hashtags related to your post because say you use #foodie on a picture of a dog, Instagram will find that suspicious but like he said above just read and work your way up to level 2 like I’m doing and so many others and you’ll get all the info you need

A good place to start is the search function on MPSocial. Just type in anything you want to know about IG there and you’ll get lots of threads.

You can also through the Instagram Marketing Section and read the maximum you can.

Be ready to read a lot though because there is a lot to absorb and apply :slight_smile:

Engagment Group:

Best Method is M/S

Take two and call us in the morning…


Post frequently, use good hashtags, engage with your audience

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Basically this forum is full of post that explain that and you’re writing a post asking question which have been answered multiple times. Just read the forum!

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