Tips to increase DM Open Rates?

Hey guys, I’ve noticed that the DM open rates are really bad, even though I’m manually handpicking accs that I then follow and leave a comment on their latest post to check their DMs.
Seems like the recent IG update made it worse…
Any tips on how to increase the open rate?

Try to invite them to follow you. How ? Be creative, there are a lot of possibilities.

This little trick will swap your DM from “Requests” to straight “Inbox” [=conversion way higher]

Welcome to M/C :clinking_glasses:


what M/C does it mean ? :smiley:

Sry for the noob question. But by saying “invite” you mean enticing them to follow my acc? So once they follow my acc the DM goes right to the Inbox?

Yes :slight_smile:

If you manage to get them to follow you, you’ll end up with powerful DMs (that will be between their friends and family, not between their spam).

Stay creative

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hello Denis1

how it works, can you plz tell me that how can i do it ?

There are many ways. To start of, you might want to try to follow users. It gives a great FBR. Also, why not leaving a meaningful comment (can even be automated), or other kinds of interactions (stories polls/views, for example).
The more you do, the more you get follows, the more you can DMs inbox :slightly_smiling_face:

Thus, you might want to test things and see how you can max out your number of actions :muscle:


it could be just what you are offering them, they might be not interested, on my side and on some accounts things are stable no increase nor decrease try changing a few stuff and see how it goes.

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