To All Germans: How Do You Create Paypal Subscription Payments?


Hello everyone,
maybe some other Germans noticed it in their PayPal business account. In Germany you are not able to create a recurring/subscription payment. The only recurring payment you can create is, sending an invoice every x days to your client, whiche he has to manually accept every time. So my question for all Germans and other countries that have the same problems: How do you fix that/work around this, so you can create a recurring payment with PayPal, that charges your client without having him to accept the payment every time?

Sorry if I spelled something wrong, I´m German xD


F*ck me, as if that isn’t possible? It’s even possible here in Austria so I am surprised that it’s different in Germany.


From what I know not. Found that in this article:


I’m based in the US and have clients in Germany. Moonclerk with Stripe works great in accepting payments in Euros


Yeah I´m thinking about testing stripe aswell. But most of my clients like PayPal more. Also it is possible to accept recurring payments from US Members as a german. You are just not able to create them :frowning:


Question for you guys though - is it normal for Germans to not to want to pay with credit card?


Stripe charges are much lower than PayPal in Europe.

I always hate it when customers pay using PayPal on my website as they take a much bigger % :cry:


Well, here in Germany credit cards are not that common than in usa. Also most germans are stingy and do not want to spend money that they do not have xD


Nope this is not possible in Germany. I’m so happy I still had my old Dutch PayPal. You need to go via a payment provider.


If Paypal works for your client, debit/credit card or direct debit should work most of the time. I heard of a provider for EU but can’t remember what it was called :sweat_smile:


What do you mean by payment provider :thinking:


i think he means a service like stripe or square


I called with PayPal’s in Germany. The first line support didn’t even know automatic subscription for seller wasn’t possible in Germany :see_no_evil: The second Guy I spoke to recommended me some payment providers. I forgot which one. You could ask PP if you’re still looking for one.


What does “PP” mean :sweat_smile:


PayPal du Held. :slight_smile:


You won the TV :gift:


Das war ein Brett :joy:


You need to process 20000 Euro/month for 3 consecutive months with other non-subscription products before they will allow you subscriptions in Germany.
It would be much easier to set up a company in another country and create a new PayPal business account there.


Damn that is too much TBH :dizzy_face:


Guys, I wanted to use Stripe as a workaround for subscription payments. In the process of integrating Stripe recurring payments into my website I found a plugin for WordPress which is called “PaidMembershipPro”.

You can create all kind of subscriptions with it and I also found a way to connect PayPal to it. When you go to “Settings” => “Payment Gateway & SSL Settings” you can choose your preferred payment processor under “Payment gateway”. When you choose “PayPal Standard”, go the page and checkout, you will be redirected to PayPal and you will see the subscribe button for CC or PayPal. The developers of the plugin don’t recommend using PayPal Standard though, so maybe I will go with PayPal express.

This plugin is amazing and they have a free plan.

Here is a YouTube tutorial on the instruction, with the help of it I’m currently setting up everything. Good Luck!