To much unfollowers on old accounts

Hi there. I have a question… How I can get so many unfollowers. I have two accounts both are approx 6 years old. Whatever I do unfollow is guaranteed. Lol :rofl:

Any advice?

yes, either don’t use panel followers, or start posting better content. I mean surely it can’t be that bad?

What niche is it ?

What do you mean about panel followers? I try to find best content every day.

Dog niche. Repost accounts…

I understand people unfollow when didn’t like the content. When I didn’t post 2 months I still have the same amount of unfollowers. What is the reason then?

when you post people see your content and maybe think that they no longer wish to follow the page and then unfollow - basically by posting you lose following which is almost backwards in my opinion


Maybe these are not people that unfollowed you, maybe these are just fake accounts that were disabled by IG… IG is being more and more strict and a lot of accounts are gone. :slight_smile:


There’s something going with the algorithm lately,

I have noticed that many “ghost followers” become active followers, since IG start to show posts and stories to new audience.

Then maybe they decide to unfollow because they do not like your profile anymore.

Also yes, many account get disabled everyday.

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Ok. But how recognizing my account if I didn’t post for months?

simple – post and keep on posting, you gotta get back into the feed. You can’t expect Insta to say – ‘welcome back, we saved a place for you on the explore feed’


I posting more than a month now and nothing as you see. Lol

a few years ago It took me 6 months to get back into the feed on one account. A month is a drop in the bucket – no short term solutions here. Insight data goes up SLLLLOOOOWWW – so drink decafe and post – it will take time to reach previous results. One account I have I did not and posting this year again after 8 months IS JUST GETTING BACK ON explore. In the meantime, create other accounts – grow them in the mean time, when your account does come back use those new account as worker accounts. To like can comment

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I think it’s start to grow. Yeeeey

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It’s getting there. You will see spikes. The key is getting spikes shorter and eventually it will be back

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Do you post daily?
If not do it,be consistent, at least 2,3 posts.
If you dont post videos start posting videos.
90% recommendation is to be consistent.


Hi. I posting videos 1-2 times every day.

Interesting. On the same account in external tool and the instagram tool. Why is so bug difference?

A big difference in what exactly? Which data specifically are you looking at?