To those only doing follow/unfollow

Are you gaining 1k+ followers a day?
If so, what is your current follower count?

Hi @disruptmedia its important to specify more details to get a more accurate answer.

Specify that users replies should contain how many followers they have, what niche their account is, and how many users they are following each day, Otherwise some will say, yes my account grows 3k followers/day and then you are pulling out your hair because you cant seem to get 3k followers/day. Thats becuase the user who replied has an account with 2m followers while yours is much lower.

Yes I have some accounts growing 1k+ but they are accounts with over 200k followers. Its not just from follow/unfollow though.

Lastly, it is impossible to gain 1k followers from ONLY follow & unfollow each day. You need to use other methods in addition to follow/unfollow to gain 1k followers/day.

The safe limits that you can follow each day is 500. Some users will push the limits and follow 1,000 each day (not recommended). The average follow back ratio is around 10% (50 followers/day) while some get up to around 30% (150 followers/day). The more time you spend finding the right sources to follow, the higher your follow back ratio will be.

Also, the quality of your posts will have a BIG impact on whether or not people choose to follow your account.