To watermark or not to watermark

Do you guys watermark your IG image posts or any other image posts for other social media platforms?

Yes i do, just a little on the bottom. Make sure everybody can see where the post came from.

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I always tend to watermark the posts I create myself so it doesn’t get stolen. I try to put it near the main focus on the image therefor people cannot steal your post without crediting you :slight_smile:

I guess there is no sense

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watermarking your images could make your page appear more commercial-looking, new potential followers may be less likely to follow your page

but watermarking your images with, say your webpage url, could drive traffic to your website indirectly.

yes watermarking helps a lot!

I am wondering if IG could possibly flag the img as spam or what not. So do you guys watermark it with an image or text?

I guess it depends on your theme but I generally think it’s a bad idea to watermark.

Look at the most famous photography accounts. Food accounts, whatever. Do you see them watermarking?