Today's restraints and blockades have me a little scared

I’m quite new at this, but I’ve been trying and experimenting for several months. I did all this to try to get an agency and offer my “organic growth” services for instagram. I have even created my own private proxy servers! And now I find myself with some locks, 3 of the 7 accounts I administer have been affected. I have the feeling that Instagram doesn’t want to leave anything for automation, and that worries me. I put a lot of effort into it! Today I was finishing the website.
I don’t like the idea of thinking that now I have to learn other things and that these are no longer useful.
I’m being a little pessimistic, but I’m angry that this could happen more in time.

I just wanted to vent. Thank you!


I can understand that! Just stay focused. :grin:

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Don’t get too hung up on it. Any type of marketing is all about testing and adjusting. The key thing is to just keep taking action, whether you’re feeling like it or not. There are no challenges, only opportunities to learn more and refine your strategies.

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Any idea how to get rid of the blocks?

I would just let all accounts rest, even accounts who were not affected.


Ok - thanks - going to pour some wine…

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A lot of accounts are affected whether automation is involved or not today…just look at twitter.

When in doubt search for #instagramdown and see all the normal people complaining.

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Yes there’s some but not insane - I think that its almost entiirely automation related

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Most of the “normal” peeps are complaining about losing followers or their pictures not loading - issues separate from what we are experiencing it seems like.

It’s part of the life. If you want to be effective at anything to do internet marketing, you have to always be testing, improving, adjusting, and evolving. This is anything but passive and another reason why you should charge accordingly for your services.

In the mean time, don’t stress about it. This is a marathon, not a sprint.


That isn’t relevant. The point is there’s a lot of complaints from a lot of people that indicate a problem with the system period.

My comment had been more about the fact that when the system is broken you can’t assume it is broken for you for a different reason than others, even if you have different symptoms. Once the system is considered “working as intended” for the general masses, then and only then can one take to time to look at their own stuff, what’s affected and work out solutions to fix any issues. Doing so before hand is futile.



Blocks, feed issues, inauthentic activity notifications, etc. I’ve spent the last 72 hours replying to hundreds of support emails and something is definitely wrong here, unrelated to us and what we do.


I have it on 90% of my operation (hundreds)

Never have had it this bad, only about 15% at most and always resolved with rest / switch proxies.

This is a scare, also newly added accounts as of today work fine.

The end is near!

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That should actually provide some relief for you. In the past any issues were connecting to something you did wrong or something malfunctioning on Jarvee, your VPS, Proxies, etc. This is a widespread issue, which means it’s likely something instagram did not intend to do or mean to be permanent.

Yes, however still a bit scary for the time being… I must say.

Did Instagram do an update today?

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Yes, I think you commented on the thread with the articles about the roll out already though.

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Also look here:

The time lines up when all my accounts stopped following.

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And another thread about the follow-blocks… Like 90% of new threads are about the same thing lol

This is how you get viral on mpsocial… Too bad we’re blocked on IG so can’t get viral there…

We’re in the same boat man. I began in January of this year and I service 20+ client accounts.