Too many fake accounts following, help

One of my Instagram accounts has an alarming number of fake pages following it per minute. This is a normal account and I haven’t set up any bots or anything for it. The profiles are in other languages and usually have a profile picture but no post, or are completely blank profiles. Is it possible someone is sending these bots to my page? And is there a way to stop it? I’ve heard of accounts being disabled for artificially collecting likes and followers… I searched the forum but couldn’t find answers for my situation… please help!

When you see a bot account follow you, just block it :slight_smile:


Just use the ghost follower thing posted on thieves forum and delete them

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I block the profiles/report them as spam but there are SO MANY coming in, I can stay on top of all of them

Sometimes people who are your competitors buy fake followers to ruin your engagement and result in difficulty finding you through related friends, but that’s just a theory, I haven’t tested it scientifically.


So it’s possible for another person to send fake followers to my page?

Of course, you can buy followers for any account on plenty of online services.


Could they get Vrk113’s account banned if IG thinks Vrk113 is the one buying them?

Of course they could ban the account. It’s an influx in followers, very noticeable but i’ve given 1000 on 1 account in 1 day and nothing happened but follower drops from those accounts getting banned.

There’s plenty of places you can get super cheap followers to either help or hurt someones ig,fb,twitter.

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I am currently going trough my follow sources, to check for accounts that have <60% real accounts bc I think they are shitty as sources

@experts: what you think about that?

thx big times :+1:

definitely audit your sources before you put them in, also you can use sources differently

such as… based on hashtags, people who interacted with target accounts…

be creative, we rarely go for “followers of target accounts”

In addition to what my brother is asking, can any one help me with where I can buy IG verification badge for my artist? Thank you!

No they won’t ban your account, I been selling fakes for years, to 1000s of profiles, not even 1 ban, and the reason is because anyone can send them to your account, so they don’t ban accounts for that.

What does it mean? What are the benefits?

thx man

This is very prevalent in the fashion influencer world. New follows are at the top of your follower list. They are constantly sending each other fakes. It’s kind of depressing.