Tool For Finding the Best Performing Post in Others account?

Is there any other alternative tools than jarvee which can be used to just find the best performing posts in an Instagram account?

It would also be good if there was a way by which we can sort those posts from best performing to the worst performing.

Please share if you guys know if there is any tool out there that does that.

@shijilkumar try thepreviewapp for competition anaylsis . I would post the link but not sure if you are allowed to do that here .

But just google thepreviewapp competition analysis tool and It will be right there .

Pretty sure you can find a lot more if you just google for instagram competition analysis :wink:


I am not sure but Jarvee’s Repost tool has plenty of filters that can help you out in finding posts that are having a good engagement and stuff. Of course this is only for reposting the content not for scraping posts.

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Wow, thanks a lot for letting me know about this. Will definitely give this app a try.

If you actually see,Posts which hit the explore are the best performing ones so this way you can get the best performing photos without any tool,Using a dummy account with a different niche will give you unbiased results.

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I have tried this. I reposted content from Explore page to my account, but it doesn’t seem to create engagement compared to choosing the best performing posts from a competitors page after scrolling through them and finding the posts which normally get more engagement. And when I repost those content, the engagement is way better.