Tool for Instagram to find bulk amount of micro influencers?

Is there a tool out there I can use to find micro influencers? I.e., instagram accounts with 1k to 5k users within using the #music, #rap, and #hiphop hashtags.

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Would love something like this to, also a tool to scrape sources would be nice besides Jarvee.

To my understanding Jarvee can do this…I’m looking into using it now. is great tool to find influencers.
With the free version you can just scrape users by bio search but with that you can already find few. Otherwise use Jarvee like you said. Never done that myself yet but should work if you scrape users through “users and hashtags” and then sort it in an excel sheet by the number of followers. That way you should be able to find everyone you want. :smiley:

Good luck! Keep us updated how you managed that! :slight_smile:

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nice thanks. btw, do I have to use an aged account with Jarvee or can I just use a new account?